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World Suicide Prevention Day 2023

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Annually on September 10th, the International Association for Suicide Prevention leads a campaign to help prevent suicide and the impact that it has on our communities.  Every year around the world an estimated 703, 000 people die by suicide.  For every suicide, 20 people attempt suicide and of course many more contemplate suicide.  Every attempted or completed suicide has an impact on many individuals within their communities.

The goals of the World Suicide Prevention Day campaign are to raise the awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding suicide as well as to encourage the use of the resources available.   This is primarily done through social media campaigns and local activities.

This year’s theme is Creating Hope Through Action, which is a reminder that there is an alternative to suicide. This theme also emphasizes that every action counts, no matter how big or small.  By taking action, anyone can help someone struggling find hope.  Through action, someone can find light in their darkest moment.

Locally, your Health Promotion Team offers training in Mental Health and Suicide Awareness.  In this one day program, you will learn how to promote mental fitness, both for yourself and for others, as well as some skills and tools to effectively help someone that may be struggling with suicidal thoughts.  For more information on this program, log on to your local Health Promotion Team’s website.

For more information on the campaign, log onto the International Association for Suicide Prevention

For local resources, check out CFB Borden’s Pocket Support Card

Article written by Nathaniel Smith, Health Promotion Specialist at CFB Borden